Making an at home Studio

I thought I would share with everyone what can be used to create an at home studio for voice acting and some of the supplies that I use.
I hope this helps out some of you and if you would like tutorials on any of the programs I’ve mentioned please feel free to let me know. Also if there is anything I have missed or any other tips anyone has please add them.


First of all if you have a really cheap mic you won’t get the quality of audio out of it as a higher quality mic. Though with a few tricks you can make it sound better than if you were just talking into a mic in your room. For years I used a Playstation 2 headset as my computer mic and it worked well for me. At the time it was about $50 for one of those mics but I’m sure they are way cheaper now. It was one of the best headset mics I have used for the price. I currently have a logitech mic that I picked up from Walmart for about $30 and it doesn’t give me the clarity of the PS2 headset. So I now use a Beherenger brand microphone for my voice acting and I use it for my on location work for radio broadcasting. It is a professional mic so it costs a pretty penny but it is worth it. The Mic kits cost around $200 on ebay.
Some things that will help a recording. Use a pop screen…it is a little round black filter that is place in front of the mic…alternativly you can get some old panyhose and wire to make your own pop screen. When you speak into the mic place it above your mouth…closer to nose level and a little bit away from the pop screen…unless of course you have a soft voice then you need to eat the mic because if you have to turn the volume up to hear the lines you get the background noises and hums as well.
Background noise can be a pain to get rid of because some of it is stuff you can;t really control. If you can turn off the ringer on your phone…turn off the TV, fans and any other non esential electronic devices because I mic can pic them up. The smaller the room the better…I mean a soundproof room is preferable but not many of us have the ability to make or use a soundproof room. I do get access to the studios at school which is awesome but not at home. If you live in your own house you can get egg carton shaped foam to put on the walls to help diffuse the sound. If not…this may sound funny but if you can record your lines in a closet or under a blanket…it’s amazing how much sound a blanket can block out.


~~Sound Boards~~

I’m not gonna touch too much on sound boards because unless you are doing some hard core editing of broadcasting a radio station I don’t see the need of having a soundboard. I use a few different kinds of soundboards at school including ones from AudioArts, and Beherenger. They are also hugely expensive. We currently replaced the huge Beherenger boards in all of the studios at the school with the smaller and simpler AudioArts board. (shown below) There are small boards out there for home use but if you are just doing voice acting and not audio editing with multi-tracks then a sound board is not needed.

~~Editing programs~~

No matter what kind of computer you have there are many different audio editing programs out there and some are free! A few I have worked with are Cool Edit, Audacity, GoldWave, and my new personal favorite Adobe Audition. Each of them has basic editing functions with some cool filters to play around with. But as far as I can tell the only one that has multi-track editing is Adobe Audition so it would be very good foe putting together a demo that would have different voice tracks, and possibly a music bed and sound effects thrown in. Out of the free or shareware programs I’ve used GoldWave is my favorite. This however is all personal preference.
If you would like to try out Adobe Audition they do have a 30 day trial you can download from the adobe website.
Just as a side note…Cool Edit Pro became Adobe Audition though I’m sure there was a free version of Cool Edit but I haven’t used it in quite a few years.

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