My Personal Brand

Who am I? Nicole Scott…

I have lots of ideas but can never seem to execute them…until now.

What do I care about? voice acting, creativity, animation.

What will my future employer care about?

What words do people use to describe me?

What words do I want people to use?

How do I re-enforce through action?



All week I have been trying to figure out what to use this blog for. I have many different blogs floating all over cyber space including my first blog at livejournal and two others made for writing and other blogging. I also have two blogs with blogger. One is a personal blog and one is a school blog. Even though deviant art doesn’t really count as a blog there is a journal feature there so I also rant about different things on that site.

I was thinking about integrating word press with my radio website which might help keep everything organized and easier to post any updates I may have in the future. That is where I also have my resume and some audio clips of different things I have worked on for class, CKDJ, and AIR.

The other thing I was thinking of doing with this blog is perhaps a place to show all of my voice work since I aspire to become an animation voice actor. Or this could also be for the internet radio station I am dreaming up and could document all the steps taken throughout the process.

Over all there is one thing I don’t want to happen to this blog and that is forget about it as it roams neglected throughout the vastness that is the internet.