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Further pursuits of happiness

have a lot of bumps and holes in them. I graduated from Radio Broadcasting this past April and was very proud and happy with myself. I finally had a college diploma. Though I didn’t see myself working at a radio station…I wasn’t a fan talking to people I didn’t know or researching stuff that didn’t interest me…yeah kinda self absorbed and silly, and something I’m regretting right now as I listen to my former classmates have fun on the air at local stations.
Wondering where I ended up after graduation? I ended up working full time hours with a part time status at Wal-mart…which I have worked at for 10 years now as a part-timer.
My first time in college I went into animation and failed after the first semester. So when I graduated from Radio all of my Animation friends were graduating from Animation. I felt that I needed to go back and finish…to prove to myself that I could graduate from animation.
So I’m in first year animation again and struggling with it…again. You may think it’s an easy course because all we do is draw all day, but it’s much more than that. The good part is that I’m not failing and I’ve learned a lot more this time around…but I find myself struggling with the final for first semester…again. I just can’t get that flour sack right. So we will see if I pass this time.