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Voice Acting

You may or may not recognize the people in the photo on the left. They are voice actors for some of the most popular anime and cartoon on television today. They are some of my role models and I have had the chance to meet them and to sit on in multiple Q&A sessions.

For the most part voice actors are very nice people and are willing to answer any questions on their professions that you may have.

One thing I have seen in my travels to conventions, voice acting panels, Q&A’s, and autograph lines are the raving fans that gather at these events. Even though I am not an anime voice actor yet there are some things that bother me about some over obsessed fans.



All week I have been trying to figure out what to use this blog for. I have many different blogs floating all over cyber space including my first blog at livejournal and two others made for writing and other blogging. I also have two blogs with blogger. One is a personal blog and one is a school blog. Even though deviant art doesn’t really count as a blog there is a journal feature there so I also rant about different things on that site.

I was thinking about integrating word press with my radio website which might help keep everything organized and easier to post any updates I may have in the future. That is where I also have my resume and some audio clips of different things I have worked on for class, CKDJ, and AIR.

The other thing I was thinking of doing with this blog is perhaps a place to show all of my voice work since I aspire to become an animation voice actor. Or this could also be for the internet radio station I am dreaming up and could document all the steps taken throughout the process.

Over all there is one thing I don’t want to happen to this blog and that is forget about it as it roams neglected throughout the vastness that is the internet.